Are you single? We should go on a date ;)


I am not single.

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how often do you cheer?


I’ve just finished university so may not be cheering anymore, All Star cheer is way more expensive than university.

Omg ur so hot! Why cant all guys be built like you!?


Probably because it takes time and effort?

Would you rather give a girl head or be the one receiving it?


I don’t much care for blowjobs.

Week two

Brah, how did you get such tanked out legs?

Heavy squats, Rugby and cycling up steep hills on a fixed gear couple times a day I guess.

Standard leg session would look like:

5x5 squats
4x12 leg press or front squat
Hamstring curls 3x8
Quad extensions 3x8
Calf raise 50 bodyweight, then 4x20 double bodyweight on a leg press
(no calf machines in my gym)

I also deadlift heavy once a week and throw in some olympic lifts once or twice a week depending on time and how i am feeling.

Week one. #cutting